What is PPC advertising?

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is a mode of advertising where you pay a fee each time anyone clicks on one of your ads.

In place of put in money on estimated impressions, you’re only paying for the traffic these ads generate, making them the best option for businesses who
want to have total control of their act and account.

The most demanding PPC advertising networks are Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Facebook Ads, however, given the volume of searches and number of options,
Google is by far the better important for any PPC campaign.

Benefits to run PPC ads

  • PPC ads reach audiences cost-effectively
  • PPC ads provide instant traffic
  • PPC ads drive warm leads
  • PPC ads lead to positive ROI
  • PPC user data helps your SEO strategy
  • PPC ads do not work accordingly algorithm changes
  • PPC ads offer multi-layered targeting options
  • PPC user data prosperity your social media approach
  • PPC ads allow for smart retargeting

10 incredible PPC facts

If you’re still doubtful about whether PPC advertising is useful for your business, here are some mind-altering facts:

  • More than 2,400,000 searches are handled through Google every second.
  • In 2017, 7,000,000 advertisers spent $10 billion in PPC across-the-world.
  • 63% of the crowd say they will readily click on Google ads.
    75% of people who click on ads say they make the information they are looking for easy to find.
  • Google measures that PPC helps to boost brand value by 80%.
  • For local inquiry, ads claim 25% of all search result clicks.
    Local businesses that mark their audience geographically through PPC boost in-store visits by about 107%.
  • 69% of mobile phone searches for a local business result in a user calling that business.
    87% of all businesses spend on social advertising, with 88% of those spend on Facebook Ads, 15% on LinkedIn Ads, and 15% on Twitter Ads.

Act fast & Reveal your care for your clients

  • PPC gives fast results. You don’t have to go for all but you can meet the customer on the way.
  • That’s what an inorganic ad can do; it helps you stand higher in the crowd so you can be found easily in-crowd.
  • The ads that are run can be analyzed and tracked with tools that tell you whether the ad is performing well or not.
  • The ad parameters are regulated to suit a favorable outcome for the brand.
  • Not only for Google but also for Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex.
  • Your relevant clients can be found in areas where you may have not yet looked.
  • We’re here to fulfill that gap.
    The appearing ads help us gather data that is useful for future PPC campaigns.
  • We analyze client behavior, what may cause them to leave the ad, where did they spend more time, and so on.

Why hire PPC management services

  • PPC advertising is an ever-growing industry that is continuously changing.
  • What worked 6 months ago, may not work now, which is why it’s outstanding for agencies like Digital Big Bull to have the most up-to-date knowledge about the latest updates and ways of reaching your target audience online.
  • As a business, you apparently don’t want to waste your valuable time trying to analyze the world of online advertising.
  • Instead, you want to focus on vital tasks – like keeping your business adrift.
  • We believe to admit that hiring an expert PPC management agency is effortless and more profitable than appoint, educate and managing an in-house team.
  • Our PPC experts have years of experience and observation in search engines and social advertising.
  • With us, you do not need to headache about wasting valuable time (and money!) on nominal ad campaigns that don’t lead anywhere.